Fayetteville woman receives suspicious white powder in mail; FBI investigating

The FBI is investigating some suspicious mail that was delivered in Fayetteville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Federal Bureau of Investigations is investigating after a package with a suspicious white substance inside was mailed to a woman’s home in Fayetteville.

Police and firefighters were called to a home on Locust Street early Monday afternoon.

Aimee Tanner said she has no idea who sent the package or why. Tanner does most of her shopping online and like many of us these days, sometimes she forgets what she ordered.

“Maybe it is a nose ring, something tiny? So, I held it up to the sun, it was empty. It didn’t have a piece of paper in it or anything. This package felt different," Tanner said.

With caution, she opened the seal.

“I tilted it a little, and it all kind of, like a powder does, went to the other side. I panicked. I bunched it up quick. With one hand I ran and grabbed a zip-lock bag trying to open it, blow in it to try and get it open. I shoved it in the zip lock and called 911," she said.

Fayetteville Police and Fayetteville Firefighters responded to the call. They shut down her street as they investigated.

“I didn’t want to breathe after that, I washed my hands real fast, I was petrified. I was shaking.”

She is still waiting to learn what the white powdery substance inside was. Fayetteville Police said it was sent to a federal crime lab for analysis.

“It looked kind of like baking soda or baby powder. Not like salt.”

Until she knows for sure what was inside, she is urging everyone to use caution if you don’t recognize your delivery.

“It looked like a normal envelope, something you would think to just rip open. Pay attention, seriously pay attention. I honestly don’t know what made me look twice but I did.”

A spokesperson for Fayetteville Police said no one else has reported a similar situation.

If you do get something suspicious in your mailbox, you need to call 911.

When the results of the white powder come in, we will let you know.

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