Local boat salvage crew helping Hurricane Sally victims

Decatur crews have pulled and salvaged more than 20 boats down in Florida following Hurricane Sally

A local salvage crew helps Hurricane Sally victims

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s been about a month since Hurricane Sally made landfall on Alabama’s coast - leaving hundreds without power and shelter.

Crews from all over the southeast are still down there assisting with clean up.

“It’s specific to hurricanes essentially. This is our second storm we’ve worked. We worked hurricane Irma and we were in Jacksonville after that hit. This is the biggest storm we’ve worked so far," Caroline Jenkins said.

Jenkins, project manager with the Decatur branch of Tow Boat US, says there’s anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 boats damaged from Hurricane Sally

Over the last two weeks, Jenkins and her crew have pulled boats off land, boats that were capsized in the water and boats in seawalls.

“This ones been more difficult than most, it’s close to home. We vacation in orange beach a lot, I’ve vacationed there my whole life. It’s crazy what nature can do and you wanna know how these boats ended up where they are," Jenkins explained.

The crew of about a half a dozen workers have helped salvage 20 boats so far.

Jenkins tells me as this next hurricane approaches, it’s important to prepare your boats.

It’s better to be safe than sorry she says.

“Being prepared is the biggest thing. With this storm in particular with the path it took and changed direction so quickly, that’s why there’s so many boats. I think just being extra cautious to try and prevent things," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says the crew plans to stay in Florida as long as they can, before Hurricane Delta starts making landfall.

They plan to return to help boat owners after Delta hits.

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