John Meredith wins Huntsville City Council District 5 seat in runoff

John Meredith wins Huntsville City Council District 5 seat in runoff
John Meredith has unseated district 5 city councilman Will Culver in a runoff election. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The race for the Huntsville City Council District Five seat was a close one back in August.

But Tuesday’s runoff was clear.

John Meredith, son of civil rights activist James Meredith, pushed Will Culver out of his seat.

This was a very heated runoff. There was mudslinging up until Monday.

John Meredith ran against Will Culver back in 2016. He came back for redemption this year and took 61 percent of the votes Tuesday.

Incumbent Will Culver took about 39 percent.

But in the primary election Culver was very close to victory.

He got 50 percent of the votes- but you have to get 50 percent plus one vote in order to win..

John Meredith says he decided to run because he thinks there needs to be more transparency and accessibility on the council.

Less than an hour ago we talked to John Meredith to find out why he believes he gained a lot more support since the primary.

Meredith tells us Culver’s decision to vote in favor of distributing road resurfacing funds equally among the district upset many district five residents.

“We were shocked to hear that the councilman with the district with more roads than any other district would be voting for the equal distribution of those funds,” Meredith said.

Meredith tells us he also wants to work to get Zierdt Road and Martin Road construction complete much faster.

We reached out to Culver to get a comment on the unofficial results but have not heard back.

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