Florence mayor race too close to call; Provisional ballots to be counted next week

More ballots to be counted in Florence Mayoral race

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Too close to call!

We won’t know the winner of the Florence mayoral race until next week during the official canvas of the votes.

Kate Smith spoke to both candidates Tuesday right after the announcement.

If you look at the votes that came in Tuesday, it would appear Andy Betterton won the election with 50.09% of the votes. Incumbent Steve Holt took home 49.9%.

What is important to know is there is an 11-vote difference, but there are 16 provisional ballots that could sway the election. The count for the provisional ballots will happen October 13 at noon.

Until then, it’s wait and see for the two candidates.

“We both worked very very hard as a campaign,” said mayoral candidate Andy Betterton. “Worked well out in the community. I could never dream it would be this close.”

“We are blessed,” said Incumbent Steve Holt. “We are blessed if we win, we are blessed if we don’t win. We love the City of Florence. We look forward to continuing the process.”

We will be sure to keep you updated.

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