Statewide school coronavirus dashboard to be released later this month

Statewide school COVID-19 dashboard coming soon

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Parents hoping for a statewide school coronavirus dashboard system will need to wait a little longer.

A spokesperson with the Department of Education said it may be another week or two before one is up and running.

We get questions daily from parents wondering how many COVID-19 cases are in a given school district or school. And as of Monday, according to Beverly Sims with the AEA, public schools are not required to report local COVID-19 numbers to the state.

But the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Department of Education are teaming up to build a COVID-19 dashboard.

It is expected to show positive cases in public school systems from K through 12.

The numbers won’t be broken down by individual schools but will display numbers for each school system.

Positive tests won’t be confirmed by the ADPH so there isn’t a slowdown in the system and parents can see in real time what the numbers look like.

Beverly Sims with the Alabama Education Association said she wants the state to make sure the data released is as local as possible.

“I think the information is more beneficial at your local level because it helps parents to be able to see what is going on in their local community. Even if they can’t necessarily identify by school it tells them whether or not there is a heavy presence in the school system.”

Last week, the state’s top pediatrician said patient privacy must be in place before the dashboard can be released.

All three public school systems in Madison County are posting their COVID-19 numbers online.

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