Huntsville Hospital leadership encouraged by latest COVID numbers

COVID-19 numbers dropping at Huntsville Hospital

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Monday brought encouraging news from leaders of Huntsville Hospital. The number of COVID-19 inpatients has dropped to below 40.

We are told by leadership it is the first-time numbers are that low since before we saw the surge earlier this summer.

Currently at the main campus, nine people are on ventilators and 11 people are in the ICU. That’s slightly down from Friday afternoon.

There are currently 39 in patients at main campus- at the end of July there were more than 100.

According to hospital officials, those being admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 are not as ill as previous patients.

Testing demand is also down in Madison County. On average the Fever and Flu Clinic is testing 100 people per day compared to 400 at the peak.

Vice President of Operations Tracy Doughty said those numbers are hopeful. His team feels good about the current numbers, and hopes for numbers to drop even more, especially as we go into the flu and cold season.

“The lower these numbers are, the less likelihood that people would be nervous about getting the flu or other normal cold or flu symptoms. Since those symptoms kind of match each other. The lower the COVID numbers are, the less people for a lack of a better turn, freak out over having a normal cold like symptoms.”

If you come to Huntsville Hospital with flu like symptoms you will be considered to have COVID-19 until it is proven you do not have the virus.

You are highly encouraged to get the flu shot as soon as possible.

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