Kitchen Cops: Customers bugged out by local restaurants

Updated: Oct. 2, 2020 at 11:30 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Madison County Kitchen Cops had several complaints from customers they went to check out this week, on top of their regularly scheduled inspections.

In three of those complaints, inspectors found creepy, crawly problems. The Madison Station Bar and Grill, Wendy’s in Jones Valley and Ding How II on Whitesburg Drive were all cited for roaches in the building. Since these discoveries happened outside of a regular inspection, they did not receive updated scores. The Valley Bend Wendy’s was actually inspected the week before and earned an 84.

The lowest score this week goes to Ol' Heidelberg on University Drive. It earned a 77 due to dirty ice chutes, a broken dishwasher and multiple food temperature problems.

Stone Age Korean BBQ on South Parkway scored just one point higher at 78. It was written up for a lack of hot water, food temperature problems and missing safety testing equipment.

The Rice Box on Waddell Drive was told it’s in danger of having it’s license suspended. There was residue found in an ice machine, food temperature issues and no sanitizer in the dishwasher. It scored an 81.

The score is down at Surf’s Up Huntsville on University Drive. There were issues with the hot water and a dirty potato peeler. It scored an 80.

Another 80 went to the Jamaican Jerk Island on Sparkman Drive. It was written up for meat pies at the wrong temperature, roaches in the building and no way to dry hands in the men’s room.

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