School leaders explain why schools aren’t being shut down, despite hundreds out quarantining

Nearly 300 Limestone County School students are at home quarantining right now.

Limestone County Schools open despite COVID-19 concern

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - To remain open or to close the doors, it’s a threshold that’s been left for local school leaders to decide.

“When we reach the threshold of 20 percent student population, that is either quarantined or being positive, then we look at shutting down that school and switching to a virtual option," Limestone County Schools Director of HR and Operations, Bill Tribble, said.

Tribble tells WAFF 48 News that a shut down could also be warranted if there aren’t enough teachers to fill classrooms.

Earlier this school year, that happened at Elkmont High.

Right now, Tribble says the majority of COVID-19 cases, quarantined students and teachers is in the West Limestone area.

Sugar Creek Elementary has 63 students in quarantine, five of those testing positive with COVID.

West Limestone High School has 126 students quarantining, 17 with positive results.

“We’re still not at that 20 percent. However, we do want to be proactive," Tribble explained.

Tribble says principals at West Limestone and Sugar Creek are allowing students in quarantine to do virtual learning for the time being - while giving them excused absences.

Tribble also wants parents to know that school leaders will tell you if a school is being shut down.

“We want to communicate effectively and not scare communities either. When there is a situation when we’re fixing to shut down a school, we’re gonna assure our community and notify them in plenty of time to prepare for that," Tribble continued.

For now, all Limestone County Schools will remain open.

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