How one North Alabama resident is bringing people together through community service

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Since the start of the pandemic, Nikkia Dollar has dedicated her spare time to bringing people together. Not only is she a mother, but she’s also a wife, real estate professional and investor.

Her goal is to keep spirits alive by giving back.

“There are so many messages about discord and discontent but at the core of it, all we want to do is live our best life and if we can, help somebody else not struggle,” Dollar said.

One of Dollar’s most significant effort’s happened in June during her father’s birthday week.

A party was out of the picture, but she had a better idea.

Dollar created her very own food drive in her Hazel Green neighborhood, asking people to donate in honor of her father’s birthday.

“I put together little bags with a note saying, ‘To celebrate my father’s birthday, I am doing a food drive, just put these out by 9am on the 29th of June and we will come back and pick them up,'" Dollar said.

Dollar says she collected about 500 pounds of food and all of it went to House of the Harvest.

Now, Dollar is looking for a core group of volunteers to help pass out food each Saturday morning.

Children are encouraged to join.

“With everything going on, we have an opportunity each and every day to make an impact in someone’s life," Dollar said. "And by making a choice to do something to bless someone else who might be in a worse position than you and honestly even if they are not, your act of kindness can bless someone and everyone else they interact with during the day.”

Dollar is also working on a Christmas fundraiser with Head Start, a social services organization. The goal is to provide home cooked meals for families in need.

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