Candidates in Decatur mayor runoff ask for your vote

Mayor Runoff one week away

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Some of you will be going to vote next week in local runoff elections.

Mayor Tab Bowling is facing Butch Matthews in the runoff race for Decatur mayor next Tuesday.
Mayor Tab Bowling is facing Butch Matthews in the runoff race for Decatur mayor next Tuesday. (Source: WAFF)

In Decatur, you’ll decide if you want to stick with the current mayor, or elect someone new.

Tab Bowling and Butch Matthews have both called Decatur home for decades. In fact, the two men attended high school there at the same time. But they have different ideas for the city.

Butch Matthews served on the city council over 20 years ago. He earned 17 percent of the votes in the primary.

This will be his third time running for mayor.

“The city of Decatur is holding itself back. Everyone wants the city to get going, and I’m the one to get it going,” Matthews said.

Matthews says if elected he will focus on correcting the sewer overflow issues, resurfacing the roads and improving the city’s transportation system.

“We need a bus running around the city all day long. Where people can have a way to their job. Not just in the city, but to be able to catch a bus and go out of the city,” he explained.

If Tab Bowling is re-elected, he will be the first mayor to serve two terms for the city in nearly 30 years.

“We believe that the voters will help get us across the finish line here and give me an opportunity to serve because I’m the most qualified and prepared,” Bowling said.

Bowling says over the last four years, he’s helped create 1,100 new jobs.

"We’re seeing residential growth for the first time in almost 30 years here in our city,” Bowling said.

Both men believe they have what it takes to make Decatur better.

“They know what I stand for. And I think they’re going to push that little button for Butch Matthews, the man you know, because you need to know who you send to city hall,” Matthews said.

“Versus having to start all over again like we talked about every four years. We’d like to have an opportunity to show that we can continue doing what we’re doing,” Bowling said.

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