Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament begins on Lake Guntersville

Bassmaster Elite begins on Lake Guntersville

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - Bassmaster Elite has returned to Lake Guntersville!

The Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament originally scheduled to be held in New York in July casts off Wednesday. Daily launches and weigh-ins will take place at Goose Pond Colony Resort Marina in Scottsboro.

“Obviously COVID-19 has played a major impact on the economy and while a lot of businesses are working out of recession, the tourism industry is actually working out of a depression. Mainly because all restaurants are operating at 50 percent capacity right now,” said Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce Marketing and Tourism Director Sarah Stahl.

“That is what our community is hurting with. Hotels have not been at the same capacity and now we are going to get a nice surge and shot in the arm to be able to get that economic impact back to where need to be.”

Event officials say they’ll be adhering to local and state health guidelines during the event.

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