Deadline to pick virtual or traditional learning approaches for Madison County students

Traditional or Virtual Learning deadline

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - If you have a child who attends a Madison County school, this Friday is a big deadline.

Parents of Madison County students have to notify school officials if they want their children to stay traditional, or return home for virtual learning.

WAFF talked to some parents who not only have concerns, but want answers from school leaders.

A lot of parents have reached out to WAFF concerned about making a decision in just 4 days about their child’s safety, and if they should return to the classroom or not.

Many parents say they have not heard from district leaders about the number of coronavirus cases at their schools and if it’s a safe environment.

“I think in a perfect world it would be nice to know what the numbers are when it comes to confirmed cases in the school that your child is attending. I think it would be nice to know if we’ve got 15 or 20 cases at our school or you know we can make more of an informed decision because it’s a lot that we have to weigh on ourselves as parents in making that final decision,” said Ashley Mazanis

Mazanis is just one of many parents looking for more answers and transparency from the Madison County School District. She has two sons who are currently enrolled in traditional learning. By Friday afternoon, she needs to inform school officials at Madison County if she wants them to stay traditional or return home for virtual learning from October until early January.

“It’s hard to make that decision if we don’t know what these numbers have looked like the last nine weeks that they’ve been in class,” said Ashley Mazanis.

We have good news for parents like Ashley and everyone else. We talked with school officials and they say they’ve spent weeks coming up with a plan and it will be announced September 29th.

“Parents who are saying ‘what does it look like at this specific school?’ or this family of schools, if you’re in the Hazel Green family, or the New Hope family, whatever family of schools you’re in, you’re going to have that information and that data to know what this virus looks like in those specific schools. We know that it is vital for parents to have this information before they can make a choice about what’s best as far as the learning for their child," said Tim Hall.

This is a developing story. Once the plan is released on September 29th and coronavirus cases are announced, we’ll make sure you know, so you can make the best decision for your family and your child’s school year.

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