Superheroes Week 2020: profiling those who protect, heal abused children across the Tennessee Valley

NCAC Superheroes Shindig

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Tackling crimes against children is a tough job, but that’s at the heart of the National Children’s Advocacy Center based in Huntsville.

In the week leading up to the NCAC Superheroes Shindig, WAFF 48 profiled superheroes who protect and help heal these abused children.

Huntsville Police Department Special Victims Investigator Daphne Treece

NCAC Superheroes Week - Daphne Treece

“You kind of have to really want to be in this unit to kind to survive," said Huntsville Police Department Special Victims Investigator Daphne Treece.

“You hear and see things that normal people don’t even think exist.”

Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Medical Center Intensive Care Unit Teams

NCAC Superheroes Week - Huntsville & Crestwood ICU Teams

Lee Coggins Helps to Raise Ovarian Cancer Awareness

NCAC Heroes Week - Lee Coggins

Pam Anderson Carter is the lead District Social Worker for Madison County Schools

NCAC Superheroes Week - Pam Anderson Carter


NCAC Superheroes Week - Retired Lieutenant Colonel Kirk Deweese

The NCAC’s Superheroes Shingdig Fundraiser has moved virtual in 2020.

It’s coming up Friday, September 25 at 7 p.m. Event organizers are getting creative with a virtual wine and food tasting.

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