Benefit concert to support Homicide Survivors Program

Benefit night for homicide survivors

Ala. (WAFF) - While nothing can ever take away the pain of losing a loved, one North Alabama group is doing all it can to help.

The Homicide Survivors Program is a nonprofit in North Alabama that offers free counseling to those who have lost someone to homicide.

“We’re not only helping those immediate family members that are affected by a homicide - it’s anybody," says program director Kim Crawford. “So, if you have a friend, if you have a community member, if you have a church member, a schoolmate... anybody who’s touched by that can receive these services.”

Happening tonight at The Camp from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is a benefit concert featuring America’s Got Talent star Lamont Landers and award-winning group Pardoned to support the program’s efforts.

“We’re real excited that both of them have agreed to do that for us,” says Crawford.

There is no cost to get in, but attendees are encouraged to make donations, which will automatically enter them in a raffle for some really cool prizes. Proceeds will help provide Trial and Bereavement manuals to those in the Homicide Survivors Program and to anyone else who needs one.

“Part of [the manual] will walk them through the entire trial process from the beginning to the end - from the arrest to the trial to sentencing to what to expect at the parole hearing, as well as a huge chunk of it for bereavement. So, resources – things on depression, on anxiety, coping skills, hotline numbers..." says Crawford. "It’s just a way for them to have something that they can carry with them, that they can have to look back on from the very beginning.”

Still, the biggest thing organizers hope survivors get out of this, is comfort.

“We continue to do things with survivors in our hearts and in our minds,” says Crawford. “We’re always constantly doing something to make sure that they’re always remembered, and they’re always honored, and they’re not going to be forgotten.”

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