Scottsboro movie theater reopens, facing challenges during the pandemic

Movie theaters are reopening despite COVID-19 challenges

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - Movie theaters, along with bars and restaurants, were some of the first businesses forced to shutdown during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The silver screens at Hollywood 10 Cinema in Scottsboro remained silent for five months this year.

Now, the theater is back open, but General Manager Amanda Heard said movie-goers have not returned like she hoped.

“We count on that money to stay open and pay the bills and when you don’t have people coming there is no income, obviously. We have a wonderful group on our Facebook that’s been helping us, but until we can get people to come back to the movies we are still wavering to see if we can stay open," said Heard.

Heard said before the pandemic, they would serve between 50 to 60 customers during the week and hundreds on the weekends.

Right now, the theater is only averaging 25 customers per week. Fewer customers means fewer hours for staff.

“A lot of kids that work here, they are saving up for college or they are helping their parents. So, it had pretty much put them in a bind just as much as us," said Heard.

Heard wants everyone to know her staff is working hard to keep the theaters clean and sanitized.

“We are sanitizing door handles once every hour, our bathrooms are getting sanitized once an hour, we all are wearing masks and all our theaters get a deep sanitizing at least once a week," said Heard.

Masks are required in the lobby and hallways. Customers can take them off once they are inside the theater.

Heard said right now, they have new movies showing and are offering private showings for families and organizations.

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