Doctor Birx: SEC is ready for football

Dr. Birx pays a visit to Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Dr. Deborah Birx, of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said the SEC is ready for football.

Dr. Birx traveled to Auburn on September 24.

Birx was singing the praises of Auburn University and the other SEC campuses. She believes the stadiums are set up and ready for a socially distanced kick-off, but encouraged everyone to follow proper guidelines.

“I really have been impressed that competitive groups have come together united in a goal of protecting their students and making sure the communities remain healthy,” said Dr. Birx.

Birx is calling it a united SEC.

“Not an SEC of constant competition, the SEC shared information across the schools over the summer," she said. "Really an integrated approach between faculty, staff, and student and really getting high buy-in from each of those organizations.”

Birx said bringing student athletes back to campus before anyone else allowed for school officials to monitor and study how to quarantine and isolate students.

Last week, 108 students at Auburn University tested positive for the virus, and 109 tested positive at The University of Alabama.

“We see the curve at the universities, you know, the way we really want to see the rest of the state," Birx said.

She’s comfortable with football to kick-off this weekend in Alabama, but hopes students, alumnae, and parents follow all guidelines while on any college campus.

“Really asking everybody of Alabama to be together in this and really out of respect for one another, wear a mask and protect one another," she added.

Stadium attendance at Auburn will be limited to around 20 percent capacity on Saturday.

Some of the SEC guidelines for fall football include mandatory masking, digital ticket sales, and socially distance tailgating.

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