Outdoor events aid sales and growth at MidCity District

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The MidCity District on University Drive, known for its outdoor venues, concerts and food trucks, is finally thriving after months of revamping its events.

In the past, places like Top Golf, The Camp or even the Touchstar movie theater all rely on density -- packing as many people in to events as possible. But according to one MidCity representative, now it’s more about an individual experience.

Lindsey Pattillo Keane, who handles property activation at MidCity, says that new marketing model has kept the entertainment spot alive.

The MidCity District has eight events planned in the next five days, all of them outdoors.

The venue has brought in outdoor comedy and drive-in movies that have done exceptionally well. In fact, this Saturday will be MidCity’s 16th drive-in movie of the season.

Pattillo says she’s worked in events her entire career and never had to think so outside of the box to keep sales alive. She is confident that all of the new events are here to stay.

“I think we are going to be very cognizant of being close to one another and our proximity to one another," Pattillo said. "So I think the outdoor events are going to be very popular from here on out. Hopefully weather is on our side and if people continue to follow the COVID precautions and wear your masks and stay as distanced as possible, we will continue to bring great community events to our North AL group.”

One key part of MidCity, The Camp, is also doing well amid the pandemic.

The Camp at MidCity

Jamie Munoz, the Director of Operations for The Camp and MidCity says the goal from the start was to keep staff employed while helping the community.

In late April, The Camp took part in a program called Feed Huntsville. The bar and restaurant utilized its kitchen to feed hospital staff, boys and girls clubs, first responders and churches.

Munoz is thankful that guests have been understanding and compliant with the new rules since the popular spot finally reopened.

“I think we have been fortunate. People have been very respectful. It’s not like we have a lot of guests coming in here fighting our mask policy," Munoz said. “They have been respectful of the social distancing because I don’t think they want to mess up a good thing. We have an opportunity to get people out having fun in an outdoor environment so its worked out well.”

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