Madison County Students head back to the Classroom

Students in Madison County head back to class

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s a big day for students at Madison County schools.

As of September 21, all traditional learning students are back in class together.

WAFF talked with parents to get their take on kids returning to the classroom, and with school officials to find out the safety measures still in place.

“I have an eighth grader at Central Elementary and a senior at Madison County High School,” said Christy Woodruff.

“I have Ben and he’s seven. He’s at Mt. Carmel Elementary and then I have Nick who is almost 10 and he’s going to Riverton Intermediate,” said Ashley Mazanis.

Parents we talked with say they’re excited and grateful their children are allowed to return to the classroom and be with their friends as they continue to adjust to the new normal.

“The boys were excited to get back, I was excited to have them back because you’re right, we did the best that we could with virtual learning, trying to keep on top of everything, but I do fear there was some slide back as far as their academics ago,” said Mazanis.

For the Mazanis boys and a lot of other students, there was a learning curve with virtual learning. Mazanis said there were sometimes technical issues as well as concerns discerning what was virtual school work and what was virtual homework.

If you have a child who attends Madison County schools, administrators want you to know they’re doing what they can to keep students safe.

“Each afternoon when those students leave those classrooms, hallways, lobbies, they are being cleaned. If we need to do extra, nights and weekends any thing additional, our school district is certainly prepared, ready, willing and able to do that to keep these buildings clean and safe as possible,” said Tim Hall, a spokesperson with Madison County Schools.

Parents we talked with are happy with theses safety measures in place.

“They felt well prepared. I felt like the schools were prepared for them to go. I know the school is cleaned appropriately, that the teachers communicated well and they were excited to head out this morning to see their friends,” said Woodruff.

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