Crowd gathers in downtown Huntsville for vigil to honor Justice Ginsburg

Vigil for RBG

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Imagine graduating top of your class at a prestigious law school and not being able to get a job. This was the case for Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1959.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Source: Capital News Service)

That discrimination helped spark a life long fight for gender equality. She died Friday after losing her fight with pancreatic cancer.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg known as the notorious RBG made quite a mark on women’s rights.

“We have lost a great warrior in the fight for our democracy. Let it break your heart. Do not let it break your spirit,” someone said in public comment.

Sunday night dozens of people gathered on the steps of the federal courthouse to honor her memory.

Justice Ginsburg is credited with helping women open their own line of credit and enter into property contracts in their own name.

“She changed the world for every woman in this country,” Alix Morehouse said.

Alix Morehouse is one of the organizers for the vigil.

She says learning of Justice Ginsburg’s death made her scared.

“If another conservative judge is appointed to the U.S. supreme court we stand to lose so many rights. We stand to lose abortion rights, we stand to lose rights for gay and lesbian people and for me personally as a married lesbian, that’s frightening,” Morehouse said.

Morehouse says she hopes people walk away from this vigil feeling more empowered.

“Show up, to use our voices and our money and our resources to keep fighting the good fight,” Morehouse said.

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