U.S. Census Bureau hires more field workers to follow-up with households

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There are only two weeks left to complete the 2020 census and Alabama still has some work to do.

The Census Bureau has hired a quarter of a million people to follow-up with households across the nation, including many in the Tennessee Valley.

Workers are going to great lengths to count everyone, sometimes visiting a home up to six times to obtain a response.

“Census takers are going door-to-door and when they come visit you we hope that you do respond and cooperate,” U.S. Census Bureau spokesperson Virginia Hyer said. “They are just making sure your community is counted for the next 10 years.”

Hyer explains what you need to know if a census worker shows up at your door or calls your household.

First, a census bureau worker will carry an ID card and input your information in a government issued iPhone. Census workers know the interview must be conducted outside within social distancing guidelines.

If you receive a phone call, a census worker will provide a phone number that you can use to verify their legitimacy.

Hyer says a census worker will never ask for financial information or about your social security number.

Ultimately, if you haven’t responded yet then Hyer says to prepare for a knock on the door.

“The 2020 census is so important for everyone’s future including Alabama’s,” Hyer said. “It represents our congressional representation for the next 10 years. Not only at the national level but also at your local state legislatures as well.”

James Vandiver, a planner for Huntsville City, says West Huntsville is an area that’s lacking responses and may be seeing census workers out in the next two weeks.

Workers are also targeting apartment complexes since renters are typically undercounted.

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