New Google Fiber program recruits Huntsville users

New Google Fiber program recruits Huntsville users
Google Fiber tests new 2 Gig internet in Huntsville (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Good news, Google Fiber’s 2 Gig internet is on the way!

Even better news, Google is looking for internet users in Huntsville to test it out before it’s available to the public.

On September 14, Google Fiber announced they are launching 2 Gig internet to bring more bandwidth and speed to customers in internet-intensive households.

At $100 a month, it’s double the download speed of their previous 1 Gig product, and comes with a new Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh extender, allowing users to have an online experience no matter where they are in the house.

So, how do you get in on this deal? Google Fiber is currently looking for people to start testing 2 Gig in both Nashville and Huntsville starting next month. Other Google Fiber cities will start testing protocols later this fall.

Game changers, super users, and families who need more from their internet can join the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program to be among the first to put the extra speed to use. Testers help make sure their products and services are working how they’re supposed to for their customers.

Google Fiber launched back in 2010 offering 1 Gig speeds. Ten years and one global pandemic later, faster internet is a necessity in many homes.

As an initiative to learn from their customers and market, Google says they’ve learned that many people need more — more ways to work better, to learn smarter, to deliver gaming and entertainment in new ways, and to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship across the economy.

This year has made the need for more speed especially critical, as many people are now living their entire lives — from work, to school, to play — within their homes, creating unprecedented demand for internet capacity.

Google says their 2 Gig will roll out to all of the Nashville and Huntsville customers later this year, with plans to launch the service across other Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass cities in early 2021.

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