Dekalb County volunteers return home after assisting with Hurricane Laura relief efforts

Crews return from Hurricane Laura

STEVENSON, Ala. (WAFF) - Crews from the Dekalb Ambulance Service are back home from Louisiana where they helped pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Laura.

Field Operations Supervisor Scott Pepper said with the help of other agencies they were able to assist thousands of families in Louisiana, but some are still without a home.

For two weeks, paramedics and EMT’s with DeKalb Ambulance Service were stationed in Gonzales, Louisiana to help people impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Crews assisted with 9-1-1 call relief, and transported and evacuated people from hospitals without power to shelters. Pepper said he and his crew worked 12 hour days and slept in the back of the ambulance.

Due to COVID-19, all volunteers had to wear a mask and properly social distance which he says was a rewarding challenge.

“When you go and you see these people down in these disasters such as a hurricane they are displaced in their homes, they have no place to live, they don’t know where they’re going to go. The uncertainty is kind of scary for the residents and it’s heartbreaking, but a blessing to be a part of this," said Pepper.

Right now, New Orleans has 42 hotels that are designated by FEMA to house evacuees.

Pepper said his staff is on standby for deployment to go back to Louisiana to help assist.

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