Madison County Schools return to traditional learning

Madison County Schools return

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - For the first time this school year, students at Madison County Schools have the option to attend class in person.

All Madison County Schools students have been divided into two groups based off last names.

Monday, the first group of students attended class at schools, including Mount Carmel. Administrators say everything went well. There are plenty of safety measures in place for students and staff.

“We have large electronic thermometers that you can step up next to that can do the heat temperature across the top of your forehead. It can also do your wrist for the smaller children. We’ve really really gone out of our way to say what can we do to keep our schools safe and right now I think we’ve accomplished that goal. I’m very proud with where our school system is right now,” said Madison County Schools spokesperson Tim Hall.

Wearing a mask is a requirement for everyone at Madison County Schools. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the bus, picking up lunch, or walking the halls.

There are also markers on the ground and on seats to help enforce social distancing guidelines.

“When you walk into our schools you’ll see places where you can stand. Places where you can’t stand, directional arrows. For example at Monrovia Middle School there’s one set of stairwells you can only go up on the other end of the building you may only come down. So we have thought this thing through,” said Hall.

This week is a little different here inside Madison County schools. Monday and Tuesday, half of the students are here inside the classrooms. Then on Thursday and Friday the second half of students will be here inside the schools learning. On Wednesday, everyone will be learning virtually.

“Wednesday is the day for us to clean the schools and to continue do the cleaning of the playground, buses and things like that,” said Hall.

Starting next Monday, all of the students at Madison County schools will return to the classroom. About thirty percent of students elected to continue the school year virtually.

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