Jackson County election officials help voters with absentee ballots

Absentee voting process

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) -We are 50 days out from the general election and many of you are casting your absentee ballots in person.

Jack Hicks wants to get his vote in early.

That’s why he stopped by the Jackson County Courthouse to take advantage of absentee voting.

“One of the things in our interaction with voters that we’re really emphasizing is the importance of early voting, voting from home and absentee voting is safe. The President of the United States votes by absentee ballot and most of his cabinet have for many years, so I feel that this is a perfect message to send to people that may be concerned about absentee voting," said Hicks.

Voters cast their ballots inside the conference room on the second floor of the courthouse. Voting stations are spaced out and sanitized after each voter.

Hicks said due to the pandemic, he also felt safe coming in early to vote.

“I also do not feel safe standing in a big line on election day, in a crowded polling place. I just don’t feel like it’s safe," said Hicks.

Jackson County Circuit Clerk Bart Buchanan said he started receiving absentee ballots after the primary election.

A total of 300 mail in absentee ballots have also been processed.

Buchanan said if you plan on mailing in your absentee ballots you must make sure you fill out the application properly.

“The only time you need a witness on the application is if someone can’t write and they can only make a mark. Now on the affidavit envelope which is what your ballot goes in and is mailed to me you either have to have two signature witnesses or it has to be notarized," said Buchanan.

If you like to submit an absentee ballot you have until November 2.

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