Huntsville City Schools reopen doors to students

What are the concerns as students return to the classroom?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Some elementary and middle school students in the Huntsville City School system returned to their classrooms Monday for the first time since March.

The school system has 64% of its students returning to in-person learning, while the other 36% will stay at enrolled in the Huntsville Virtual Academy. For the students coming back, they’ll be on a staggered A/B schedule.

Tori Medina is a Huntsville City Schools parent, she has two kids at Mountain Gap Elementary and one at Mountain Gap Middle School.

So far, she said virtual learning has gone well.

“Virtual has been great, for my little ones, it’s great," Medina said. “I’m getting to be hands on with them and provide more one-on-one help that they need.”

But, Medina said her middle schooler needs more one-on-one attention with her teachers, since she’s starting to get into some harder classes.

That is one of the reasons Tori’s middle schooler, Jordan, will be going back and the two elementary schoolers, Jaden and D.J., won’t be.

“She is excited and ready to get into the whole switching classes thing and seeing her friends again, so we’re going to see how that transition goes.”

Jordan getting to see her friends is another big part of it, Tori said she wants to make sure her daughter’s mental health is doing well during the pandemic and thinks getting back with friends and teachers will certainly help.

Even though Tori is sending her daughter back she does still have her concerns, like how full classes will be and how often classrooms will be cleaned, especially with students moving room to room throughout the day.

According to a Huntsville City Schools spokesperson, each classroom will have different cleaning supplies that will be used throughout the day.

As far as class sizes, 64% of HCS students will be retuning to classes and the system is working on an A/B staggered schedule.

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