Crews prepare to demolish Haysland Square, creating a bright economic future

Haysland Square

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Construction crews are preparing to knock down a neglected strip mall on South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville. The area known as *Haysland Square* was once a thriving part of the city.

Demolition was originally scheduled to start Monday at Haysland Square, but that has been pushed back to Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Construction crew say there’s still power in some of the buildings but heavy duty equipment is in place to begin demolition. People are excited to see this old building come down and see what new will be built.

The family who used to own the land was reluctant to sell, but they say after seeing the plans and knowing what will be built there excited for the big change.

“We were concerned about losing the farm and that concern lagged on for a long time but clearly it was the right thing to do for South Huntsville. It’s the right thing to do for us,” said Jim Hays, who sold his family farm.

There’s also a lot of construction taking place behind Haysland Square. The area with more than 850 acres will soon attract hundreds of people to the area who will call it home.

“We’re talking about more than 400 single-family homes, over 500 multi family units. Three new parks, in south Huntsville, a passive park and active park in an urban Park, office space it’s so exciting. We’re gonna have over 8 miles of heart Greenway,” said Bekah Schmidt, executive director of South Huntsville Association.

“Haysland Square used to be a thriving shopping center. I remember coming here to shop here at Belks when my children were little. We came to Sears surplus, we came to big lots, we came to the shoe store that used to be here, we came to the post office that used to be here but those went away years and decades ago. We are so exciting to see new life come to this area because it will not only bring new life to this area it’s going to bring new life to the South Parkway all up and down,” said Huntsville City Council Member Jennie Robinson.

The whole Haysland Farm Master plan will take five years to complete and once it does it’ll bring $250 million in economic impact to South Huntsville. The shopping center will be anchored by the grocery store Publix. Construction on the shopping center is scheduled to be complete by next year.

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