Tuscumbia city leaders wants grant to remove blighted properties

Tuscumbia city leaders wants grant to remove blighted properties
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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WAFF) - Out with the old, and in with then new. That’s the message from city leaders in Tuscumbia. They want blighted properties torn down.

According to our news partner at The Times Daily, there are 23 properties on the list.

According to the Times Daily, the city of Tuscumbia is seeking a $365,000 grant to tear them all down.

“I would love for it to be taken down seriously. I hoped for a long time that they would do something with it,” said Emily Wade.

Emily lives two doors down from a house on North Commons Street that’s on the list to be demolished. She and her husband say they’ve complained about the property for the last four years and it is time to see it go. They also say everyone on the street would benefit from the house being demolished.

“It’s just an escrow. It brings down the property value around here,” said Joseph Rogers.

Just around the corner on North Decatur Ave, there’s another house on the list. Neighbors here say they don’t mind if it stays or goes.

“It’s not a problem at all. They keep their grass cut and everything is fine,” said Ebonee McDaniel.

City leaders in Tuscumbia should find out in November if they’ve received the grant and can move forward with construction to remove the blighted properties. Most of them are homes, but there are also some commercial properties on the list.

Here’s a list of of the properties under consideration to be demolished:

Gayle Street store building

• Hankins Store building on Eighth Street

• Two store buildings on Washington Street

• A house on Hickory Street

• 715 Beauprie St.

• Three houses on East Street

• Two block buildings on Old Lee Highway

• 608 N. Washington St.

• 708 Commons St. East

• 301, 303 and 305 East St.

• A store building on Mulberry Street

• A store building at 405 S. Washington St.

• 1108 Decatur St.

• A blue house at Washington and Eighth streets

• 704 S. Milton St.

• 702 S. Hook St.

• A house on Avenue A

• A Cave Street storage building

• A house on Marion Avenue

• Gayle Gene’s house

• Two Wilbanks houses on Tunstall Street

• Marshall Wade’s house on Hook Street

• Jerry Hudson’s house on Cave Street

• 901 Ninth St.

• The Ricks house on Seventh Street

• 1116 Shirley Drive

• Tina Kirk’s house on Hook Street

• 106 Marion Ave.

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