Woman attacked inside Huntsville wine bar; assault captured on camera

Woman attacked in Huntsville wine bar

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - New video shows a woman violently attacked inside a popular Huntsville wine bar.

Moments after a lawsuit was filed, the victim and her attorney sat down and spoke with our Kate Smith about what happened.

Maura Melendez told us she knew the defendant because she would often come in and visit Maura while she was working at The Wine Cellar.

Maura said one day she was cleaning up after her shift when she told the defendant she invited a mutual friend, and the defendant’s love interest, over for dance lessons.

That’s when the defendant allegedly attacked her both physically and verbally.

Melendez said the attack inside The Wine Cellar came out of nowhere. Melendez said the woman started verbally attacking her for not letting her know about another couple coming to her home for a small get together. The Melendez family was giving the couple dance lessons for their upcoming wedding.

“I said hey, just leave your things there. I will clean up, just go. That is when she just attacked me.”

The store’s surveillance camera captured it all.

“She hit me three times in the face, she proceeded to grab me by the neck and bang my head on the floor three times. I had a concussion. At that time, I thought, if I hit back, I will probably die today. She was that angry. I’ve never been in a fight, it’s obvious she has been in fights many times. She knew exactly what she was doing. I was not going to die that day.”

Melendez said she had a bruise on her cheek, her lips were busted, and bruises and scratches down her neck from when she was attacked.

Melendez still suffers from a lot of physical pain from that day but said what the woman did mentally to her is far worse. “My soul kind of left for a little bit. I remember seeing the fist come towards me and thinking is this really happening to me?”

We reached out to the defendant, but she didn’t respond back to our messages.

We are told there are warrants out for the woman’s arrest.

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