Madison man beats COVID-19; welcomed home 7 weeks later

Man beats COVID-19

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - One man who lives in Madison finally made it home this week, for the first time since July.

A Madison man is finally home after getting COVID-19 and being in the hospital for seven weeks.
A Madison man is finally home after getting COVID-19 and being in the hospital for seven weeks. (Source: WAFF)

After more than three weeks on a ventilator at Madison Hospital, 14 days at Vanderbilt Hospital and 13 days of rehab, Vince Aye is finally home.

“A couple days the doctor came in and say your husband is here. And he is on ventilator," Tok Aye said.

Tok Aye, Vince’s wife, tells us she spent a week in Madison Hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. Two days later her husband checked in, unfortunately his stay was much longer.

“In the hospital I was waited on right. You press a button and the nurse shows up. But my wife had to help herself all this time.” Aye said.

Vince’s daughter Debbie Brenner says not getting to see her dad for all those weeks was rough, but the nurses really went above and beyond.

“Just to see his face in real time, they did that for us. .they suited up and sat there with him with the ipad so my sister and I could just see him," Brenner said.

In 2019 Vince got a kidney transplant. Brenner donated one of her kidneys so he could get one sooner.

She tells us without his new kidney, her father may not be here today.

“The doctor said a good thing, a bright thing to think about is your dad has a new kidney. And if he was on full dialysis, he would not be able to fight this," Brenner said.

Her mother is forever grateful.

“She’s one In a million. Yeah she’s amazing," Tok Aye said.

Thursday, 30 friends and loved ones were waiting to welcome Vince home.

“Vince is one of the kindest most caring people I have ever known in my life. and we are so glad to have him home," says neighbor Leigh Mcmilan.

“It made me realize how precious my family is. If we can pull together through this, if it makes us stronger, we can walk each other through everything.”

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