A bus driver’s route through the pandemic

A bus driver's route during the pandemic

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, work came to a screeching halt for thousands of school bus drivers across North Alabama.

But for many districts now, school is in full swing. One bus driver in Colbert County took us on a ride just to see how different things are this fall.

From spraying the buses with disinfectant to making sure each student wears their mask for bus drivers like Kirk Bishop keeping kids safe on school buses involves many now-familiar safety practices.

“Siblings sit on the same seat or either close to each other and then everyone else in other households are spaced at least one seat apart,” said Bishop.

Now with A B group schedules, there are fewer students on the bus which makes the route faster --- another way to decrease the chances of spreading the virus.

“Normally I would have anywhere from 35 to 45,” said Bishop. “It is a lot easier because I’ll have as few as ten on B group and then A group may be 14 or 15.”

He is the first and last face students see at school and he says though things have changed, some things have stayed the same.

"I’m also a pastor so this fits in well with ministry as far as being available to people especially encouraging kids when they have a bad day, said Bishop.

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