Alabamians have 20 days left to complete 2020 Census

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There are only a few weeks left to take the 2020 Census. It only happens every 10 years and determines federal funding for major entities such as schools, community programs and health care.

The Huntsville Madison County Chamber is encouraging businesses to share this important news with their employees and give them 10 minutes during the work day to get it done.

“We have been sharing this message with our members for months,” Claire Aiello from the Huntsville Madison County Chamber said. “But we are running out of time. We have until Sept. 30 to get this right.”

Aiello says her team has been encouraging people to self-respond at Residents can simply do this on their phone or laptop in under 10 minutes.

“We want people to just go ahead and do it,” Aiello said. “Don’t wait for that knock on your door from a census worker because they might not be coming. They have to cover a lot of homes that haven’t responded already. So just take care of it yourself.”

Census data is important for a variety of reasons, but overall it determines how much a voice the state of Alabama has in the nation’s capital. It also is a major factor in how much money goes to hospitals and in these times, that funding is critical.

“This data will matter for the next ten years. It brings millions of dollars in funding to Alabama for roads, for schools, for hospitals, for libraries… for all kinds of programs that we use on a daily basis," Aiello said. "And we really want to make sure that we have an accurate count of all the people in Alabama so that we will get the funding that our state needs to be successful.”

The government has cut the amount of time the state usually has to complete the census, so getting more people on board is critical.

Currently, Alabama’s response rate is about 62% and in Madison County it is about 72%.

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