Morgan County sees increase in speeding drivers and serious wrecks

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Morgan County deputies say they are still seeing aggressive driving, speeding, and serious wrecks along Highway 231 and other areas in the county.

With businesses reopened and school back in session, Mike Swafford from the Morgan County Sherriff’s Office says traffic is at almost normal levels again and people need to slow down.

Swafford says the detours, which cause delays, result in more more people speeding to work.

This recurring pattern has led to an increase in serious wrecks.

Swafford says although the county does not have a definitive traffic unit, deputies are out patrolling.

He encourages residents to give themselves time for the detours to prevent putting themselves and others at risk.

“Unfortunately, if you don’t plan to leave early because that road that you have gone down for years is now getting paved, you are going to get stuck,” Swafford said. "Once you get stuck you are racing to get ahead. So we have had Highway 67 paved, we have had Highway 36 being paved…plus the detour so these are major thoroughfares that have been affected and I think that’s geared people to try to get ahead…try to go faster…and we continue to ask them -- slow down -- lives literally are at risk.

Swafford says deputies have also seen an increased number of people running stop signs.

Morgan County deputies are constantly looking for new ways to monitor the roadways. For now, there are more patrol units in the areas where speeding complaints are most prevalent.

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