Huntsville City School leaders talk about in-person classes resuming

Schools prepare for students to return

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Students in the Madison County School District, Madison City School District, and Huntsville City School District all started the school year with virtual learning.

Madison City Schools welcomed their students back for in-person learning this week, and next week Madison County Schools and Huntsville City Schools will do the same. The transition back to traditional learning is a hurdle that teachers, students and parents will continue to face throughout the month.

Huntsville City Schools spokesman Craig Williams said the start of class for some Huntsville City students on Monday is much anticipated.

“People are excited for a sense of normalcy, not only here at Huntsville City Schools but all across North Alabama," Williams said.

But the excitement the students will feel when returning to the classroom isn’t shared by everyone. Adam Keller with the Huntsville Education Association works directly with teachers from Huntsville City Schools.

He said as they are just days away from this transition there are so many unknowns.

“The consensus among our members is that they have not been well informed, and they have not had adequate input from this process," Keller said.

Williams disagrees and said administrators are listening to teachers.

“When it comes to teachers and feedback it is not a one-time occurrence," Williams said. "It’s something, we are all doing. Teachers share feedback with principals, who share feedback with the district administrators. Earlier in the school year they asked district administrators to go back to Zoom rather than Microsoft teams. So that’s something that was approved a couple of board meetings ago.”

For Elizabeth Fleming, Executive Director of the Schools Foundation, she says this transition is only possible because of the teachers leading the charge.

“It’s an uncharted and unknown territory but they are doing it with grace and poise.”

Some other concerns Williams addressed, the safety precautions in place.

He says each student will be required to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart, but as parents you can help. Williams says each parent is encouraged to take their children’s temperatures before they walk into school property.

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