Former employee speaks out about working conditions at Tut Fann

Former Tut Fann employee speaks out

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - For the first time, WAFF is hearing from a former employee inside the Tut Fann State Veteran Home.

The former employee worked in the laundry department. He wouldn’t go on camera, but he felt compelled to let us know what was going on inside because he cares about the veterans.

“I didn’t feel safe, that is the reason why I quit.”

This Huntsville man loved providing for the men and women who served our country, and the friendships made along the way at the Tut Fann State Veteran Home. But when the pandemic hit, he said things changed.

“It is accountability. It is their paycheck verses taking care of these guys. It’s sad, it really is.”

He worked in the laundry department cleaning dirty sheets and towels. He believes he wasn’t given the proper personal protective equipment to take care of himself.

“The nursing staff does not follow procedure. They put linens on carts, they hide linens in resident’s rooms to make it easier on themselves. The nurses would also come down to the laundry room where I was located without any masks or PPE and just walk in and do whatever they wanted.”

No fault to the residents, he said he had to quit his job when the management took away his bio-hazard equipment forcing him to be in direct contact with things coming out of positive patient’s rooms.

“We were told going in we would get bio-hazard bags back but they would be stuck in the clear bags and we would rip open the bio-hazard bags and push the clear bag into the washer.”

“I was working with handling fecal matter, drool, spit up, any bodily fluids from these patients.” He said he hated seeing what was going on inside and wanted people to know the truth. He went up the chain of command but said no one is taking the virus seriously enough.

“I worked there for $9.50 an hour. It is because I love the veterans. I wish them the best and I wish I could have done more for them, that is why I am speaking out.”

Since July 24th, 51 residents have tested positive for the virus, 16 have fully recovered. A spokesperson told us seven residents tested positive and died, it is still unclear if the virus was the cause of death.

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