Madison City students begin in-person classes after four weeks of remote school

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - Believe it or not, it’s the halfway-point in the semester and more than half of Madison City School students are heading back to the classroom today. This comes after four weeks of online-only classes.

Elementary schools will be the first to make the return.

They will do so with a rotating schedule based on last names.

Group A will attend Tuesday and Thursday, while group B will be Wednesday and Friday.

Middle School students will transition back beginning on September 14.

Madison City parents John and Brandi Handley have a 6th grader and 7th grader in the system. They are certainly ready for their boys to go back to in-person learning.

“It has been a struggle as a Dad at home with two kids in Middle School,” Mr. Handley said. “So I think that us parents have a much greater appreciation for the hard work that these teachers put in.”

On Monday, superintendent Ed Nichols reaffirmed the decision to go back, saying the data is showing fewer people seeking tests and hospital care for the virus.

As the Handley’s reflect on the past couple of months, they say the logistics of virtual learning were a great challenge.

“It has been difficult. You are learning a new platform number one, which is a little bit different than what they did last year,” Mr. Handley said. “So we had got into a rhythm with that and then they moved to different platforms.”

The Handley’s youngest son just began his first year of middle school. They are excited he now has the chance to fully transition to the school he has worked so hard for.

“I know that they are excited because like John said, they have missed their friends and they have missed their teachers,” Mrs. Handley said. “And our 6th grader -- this is his first year in middle school -- so there are a lot of firsts that as a new middle schooler he is not getting to excel in.”

At the end of the day, the Handley’s say they are very pleased with how flexible and helpful the teachers have been.

“As parents, we have always appreciated our teachers out here,” Mr. Handley said. “I can say that we really appreciate the work that they do with our kids now. It’s clear and evident that they care and they have put in the extra time and attention during the coronavirus to make sure these kids are on track and doing well.”

Madison County and Huntsville City will start phasing kids in next week.

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