Protesters react to armed man arrested at Huntsville demonstration

Armed man clashes with protesters

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A man who was seen pulling at his handgun and threatening protesters remains behind bars Monday evening.

Scott Christopher Davis was arrested on charges of public intoxication and possession of a firearm at a demonstration in Huntsville Sunday.

Teddy Young with ’Black Lives Matter Huntsville Division’ said Sunday’s protest started like most of the others, with chants and a message of peace, but he said it quickly changed when a certain man approached.

“He was talking to a lady and her wife calling them all kind of names, he even threatened her and said he would smoke her if she looked at him,” Young said. “The gentleman was very drunk, very inebriated.”

That’s when Young decided to get between the man and the other protesters.

“I wanted to create a buffer between my people and the gentleman who wouldn’t leave us alone,” he said. That’s when tensions grew.

“As I turned the gentleman kept walking and bumped into me. Then I I told him don’t touch me again and back up from my people.” Young said. This interaction all caught on video.

Young showed our crews the footage but said he didn’t want to release it yet because he’s considering pressing charges.

“Some people started to say he’s got something on his hip,” Young said. “We actually have some footage of him reaching up for his pistol lifting his shirt up and all my allies came and dragged me away from it.”

That’s when Huntsville Police got involved. Young credits the department with how they handled the situation.

“They talked us through some of the law and how we can actually pursue some ramifications on the gentleman.”

Blake Enfinger missed Sunday’s protest, but was back at it again on Monday. His only concern now is safety.

“I definitely worry that it could become a trend, not just something that’s an isolated incident,” Enfinger said.

We checked with the jail’s online inmate database, and Davis remains in jail as of Monday night.

WAFF will continue to update you on this investigation.

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