Madison County memorial for 116th year Anniversary of Horace Maples lynching

Remembering Horace Maples

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - 116 years ago, was a dark day in the history of Madison County.

An African-American man, Horace Maples, was lynched on the Madison County Courthouse Square.

Monday, September 7th, a memorial was set up. There’s already a good turn out.

“In 1904, Horace Maples was lynched after being forced out of the jail. He was lynched somewhere in the vicinity of the courthouse,” said David Person.

People made posters, wrote letters and dropped off flowers at the memorial.

“I came to lay a flower in memorial for Horace Maples who was lynched here,” said Abi Kunkle.

“I’m here today to say a prayer in front of the memorial for Horace Maples, who was lynched on the spot in 1904, on this day,” said William Smith.

“Maples was accused of murder, and yet he was not given due process. He was instead subjected to the violent form of mob justice. It’s important we understand this history so we don’t ever repeat it,” said Person.

It’s been 116 years since the lynching of Horace Maples happened near this area, where the Madison Country Courthouse now stands.

Some of the people who laid flowers at the memorial say it’s also time to remove the confederate monument that stands nearby.

“This gross injustice that was committed against Mr. Maples was then followed up on this very same location with a celebration, of the same spirit that killed Mr. Maples. The confederacy was an institution created specifically to protect and promote white supremacy, and specifically the enslavement of Black people,” said Person.

There was a candlelight vigil and a march around Madison County Courthouse in Huntsville as a tribute to Horace Maples on September 7th.

The memorial and all of the flowers will stay until the end of the event.

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