Ten more residents test positive for Covid inside Tut Fann; total now at 50

Ten more sick inside Veterans home

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Concerns continue to grow inside the Tut Fann Veteran Home. Within one week, ten more residents have tested positive for the virus.

Kate Smith spoke with friends of residents who say they are fearful for their loved one’s safety.

Fostene Birts lives around the corner from the Tut Fann State Veterans Home. In her free time, she stops by to give the residents and employees some socially distanced company.

“Every day, I walk past it with my son. And my mom goes there every day,” said Birts.

She said she is worried about what she is hearing from residents and employees about what is happening inside the facility. Birts heard that residents are required to spend most of their time in their rooms and those who test positive are moved to a separate wing. She said it’s not enough.

“It is very contagious, people are scared,” said Birts. “There are people who are very scared over there.”

A spokesperson told WAFF that seven out of the 50 residents who have tested positive since March have died. The state department of health is investigating whether those deaths are because of COVID-19.

Since the pandemic 50 residents have had the virus. Only six have fully recovered. Nearly 30 employees have also tested positive.

“How tired they are, how drained they are. They are so tired they can’t even go home and play with their own kids,” said Birts.

She said the residents she speaks with have little hope, Birts hopes someone will take what is going on inside this facility very seriously and act soon.

“I pray that somebody, the health department, somebody goes in and investigate this situation, she said. “Go in there and help the nurses and doctors and cafeteria workers, cooks, and just help these people because they need help.”

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