Franklin County officials disappointed to lose recycling service

Franklin County recycling program comes to an end

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WAFF) - Franklin County residents are losing nine recycling drop off locations, and commissioners are not happy about it.

According to our news partners at the TimesDaily, Franklin County Commission Chairman Barry Moore and Russellville Mayor David Grissom are disappointed the Shoals Solid Waste Authority is terminating their agreement to process recyclable materials collected in Franklin County.

Authority attorney Tom Heflin said letters are being sent to the county notifying them of the termination of the agreement.

“We did officially send letters terminating our participation with Franklin County recycling,” Heflin said.

October 1 is the scheduled termination date.

There were nine recycling bins located in Franklin County. Recycling Center Manager Mike Shewbart said they will be returned to Colbert County.

“We’ve got places that need them,” Shewbart said.

The reason the service is being terminated is to cut costs.

The Shoals Solid Waste Authority, according to Chairman Kerry Underwood, the mayor of Tuscumbia, is expending about $300,000 a year to keep the program going.

The chairman said he’s disappointed to lose the service.

“That’s a good program for us,” Moore said. “I take newspapers and paper products there and most of the time it’s full. We’d like to keep it because it’s very useful here.”

Grissom said he had not been notified of the termination of the agreement, which was with the Franklin County Solid Waste Department.

“Obviously, it’s disappointing to hear that news,” Grissom said. “We’ll just have to look at all our options moving forward.”

Shewbart said he has discussed with the board the possibility of allowing Franklin County and the cities served there to bring recyclable items to Colbert County.

Moore and Grissom said that option could be discussed in the future.

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