‘Just a blessing, a miracle baby, that’s what he meant to me’: Three-year-old Kaiden Garner’s mom speaks out

Mother speaks out over murder indictment

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Three-year-old Kaiden Garner was killed last month.

The boy’s father was indicted for his murder and remains in jail with no bond.

His name is Blake Townsend. Townsend’s girlfriend, Yalrick Pride, was also arrested and charged with child abuse.

Kaiden’s mom Lesley said while she is glad justice is being served, it won’t bring baby Kaiden back. When we spoke about Kaiden, she said he was a smart and funny little boy that could light up any room with just a smile.

“To describe Kaiden, to know Kaiden, a three-year-old that was full of joy. He could make you laugh, to be three he was very advanced, very smart,” said Kaiden’s mom, Lesley Garner.

Three-year-old Kaiden Garner was Lesley Garner’s only child, her miracle child as she likes to say.

“Just a blessing a miracle baby, that’s what he meant to me, a miracle baby, my little man,” said Garner.

His aunt told WAFF that his personality made everyone’s lives better

“He’s the type of child if you were having a bad day he’ll just light up with that little smile, light up the room with that little dimple. You wanted to throw the towel in but looking at him would make you happy and you know it’s going to be ok,” said Megan Garner.

Kaiden’s life was cut short last month.

He was spending the weekend with his father when he died. Police responded to the hospital and originally believed Kaiden may have died in a hot car. An autopsy revealed the boy died from blunt force trauma.

Kaiden’s father Blake Townsend was charged with capital murder and Townsend’s girlfriend, Yalrick Pride, was charged with child abuse.

Kaiden’s mom told WAFF while the road to justice for Kaiden is starting, there’s more to be done

“I feel Yalrick charges were a little light. She should be at least accessory,” said Garner.

And while she continues to fight for justice for Kaiden, all she has left are precious memories

“She said if Kaiden looked in the mirror would he say me or would he say Kaiden. I said neither. He would be like ‘Mommy, I look good’ or ‘do I look good?’ That’s the type of baby I had,” said Garner.

Both Townsend and Pride are being held in Lauderdale County Detention Center.

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