Huntsville cyber school plans to recruit more females and expand program

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering is working to bring in more young women interested in the program.

According to President Matt Massey, there are 71 students and all of them are 9th and 10th graders.

Of that total, only 1 in 3 are female. Massey says he wants that number to improve and eventually open the program to all grade levels.

Students in the program learn about a variety of engineering processes and design products and programs.

“Every class has something to do with engineering or cyber,” Mercedes Wolverton said. “Even the history class is the history of engineering and then there is the cyber and the math has programming in it. Every single class is something I’m interested in.”

Understanding cybersecurity is a huge part of the curriculum, too.

High-tech employers in Huntsville also provide hands-on educational opportunities for the students.

Another young woman in the program says she applied to the cyber school, hoping to be challenged and develop skills that will help her reach her dream job sooner than later.

“My old school was a great school but I wasn’t being as challenged as I wanted to be,” T’nye Kelley said. “And I know that this school prepares me for my future a little bit better.”

Students are currently taking classes at an interim facility at Oakwood University. The official school will be located in Huntsville’s Cummings Research Park. It is scheduled to be ready in 2022.

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