Son of slain mother speaks out about her murderer being charged

Son speaks out after cold case charge

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - A light has been missing from big, life moments. The son of a woman brutally murdered in her home opened up about his loss.

On September 1, investigators charged Casey Cole White in the 2015 murder of Connie Ridgeway.

Selfless and a light - that’s how Austin Williams described his late mother.

“Everyone you talk to will tell you the same thing. She was a dear sweet lady that would help anyone out,” said Williams.

Ridgeway was brutally murdered in her Meadowland apartment in Rogersville in 2015. Until yesterday, Austin and his brother Cameron lived with holes in their hearts not knowing who took their or mother away from them.

Investigators said Casey White confessed to killing Ridgeway while he was in prison for a string of other unrelated charges.

“It’s kind of a surreal thing. I didn’t think that we would get to this point. I had almost kind of given up,” said Williams. “I’m just relieved to know that she can finally rest in peace, now that we know what happened to her.”

Austin reminisced about his most precious memories of his mom.

“She was a single mother for a long time and she always made sure that Cameron and I had everything we wanted on our Christmas list,” said Williams.

He said he misses everything about his mom, but mostly the big moments he couldn’t share with her.

“Now she’s missed my marriage. She’s missed meeting my wife, and all of her grand kids,” said Williams.

As the road to justice begins, Austin says a little piece of him will always be missing.

“We’re going to miss her for the rest of our lives. It’s going to get a little bit easier, but she’s always going to be gone. She’s always going to be that person we’re going to be looking for,” said Williams. “I want to see Casey be brought to justice and if someone else is involved I hope that they’re found out.”

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