Cost increasing to build Madison County Service Center

Service Center construction update

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Madison County Services Center under construction on North Memorial Parkway is going to cost more than expected.

The price tag is going up $122,000. Window coverings, blinds, and machines for employees to swipe their cards to get access are the added expenses. The project will cost more than $11 million when it’s all said and done.

WAFF 48 was given an exclusive tour inside, to show you the progress and work being done.

There is now an elevator shaft. Crews are working on the second story to make sure there’s enough offices and storage for all of the departments that will use this building.

They include the tax assessor, tax collector, license Director, probate judge, sales tax and voter registers offices.

They’re currently at the courthouse, but they’ll be moved to make room for more courtrooms.

Contractors are working hard to complete this project on time, despite all of the rain the past several months.

“We’ve had crews that have been working six days a week some of them 10 hour or 12 hour days trying to get caught back up from the weather. The weather has well over a month behind. Right now we’re about two weeks behind schedule and hoping to catch up some more of that if we can,” said construction Superintendent Patrick Gilstrap.

On Wednesday, September 2nd, members of the Madison County Commission agreed to spend $38,000 on security screen equipment that will be installed at the Madison County services Center.

The goal is to have construction complete by January, 2021.

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