UA issues more than 400 conduct referrals for COVID violations

UA issues more than 400 conduct referrals for COVID violations
(Source: WBRC)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - In a letter to students and staff, University of Alabama President Stuart Bell said the increase in COVID-19 cases is of “grave concern” for him and everyone who loves UA. Dr. Bell went on to say those who fail to abide by UA’s Health and Safety protocols face serious consequences.

Dr. Bell said so far school leaders have issued more than 400 conduct referrals for COVID-related violations. In several of the cases people have been removed from campus.

Bell did not mince words, “Those who blatantly disregard the rules will not be given the option of jeopardizing the semester for everyone else.”

UA’s Health and Safety Plan is aimed at reversing the COVID-19 positive trend through educating, testing, reporting, specialized care for at-risk students and disciplinary actions when required.

Students and staff are asked to wear masks, practice social distancing, and comply with testing and isolation or quarantine protocols. Students with COVID symptoms should seek testing through the Student Health Center or the University Medical Center testing site at Coleman Coliseum.

If you choose to test off campus, you are required to share positive results with the CV19 Support Program immediately by calling 205-348-CV19.

Bell said anyone who fails to disclose a positive test or violates the University’s isolation or quarantine protocols is subject to severe disciplinary action.

Sentinel testing will begin soon. The updated UA System Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan outlines mandatory participation for cause and cluster testing.

From Bell’s letter: Everyone who truly values the Alabama experience will continue to follow our Health and Safety protocols, which provide a path to complete the semester together on campus. I want to thank all of you – the vast majority of our campus community – for your sacrifice and commitment in support of our shared goals.

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