MCSO Investigator Caleb Brooks continues to heal at Cleveland Clinic

Caleb Brooks continues to heal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Monday marks a week of Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Caleb Brooks being at Cleveland Clinic for treatment after he was injured by a bull.

There is hope that Brooks could be discharged from the hospital on Monday and continue his recovery at a nearby hotel with his family.

His wife, Madeline, has been keeping thousands of people updated on his condition on the Facebook page “Our Journey #Praying4Brooks”.

On an update Sunday night, she said doctors had gone over Caleb’s body with a fine tooth comb, making sure he is as healthy as he can be for his eventual intestine transplant.

Madeline said one struggle right now has been the adjustment to the TPN or feeding tube that is giving Caleb all of his nutrients. In the post she said, “His mind hasn’t adjusted to the no food and limited fluids, so he feels like he is dying of hunger and thirst.”

According to her Facebook posts, the plan going forward is for Caleb to continue healing from his multiple surgeries outside of the hospital and once he is healed he will be put on the waiting list for a small intestine.

Madeline said so many things go into finding the right intestine but one will probably be found within three months.

Since Caleb was first injured by the bull, now more than two weeks ago, support and love have been pouring in for the family. A GoFundMe has already raised $31,000 with a goal of make it to more than $35,000.

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