Huntsville City Council race heads to a runoff

Is a decision on the way for District 5 on Monday?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - UPDATE: Huntsville’s District 5 City Council seat will need a runoff to determine the winner.

On Monday, 20 provisional ballots were counted for District 5. Will Culver received six votes, John Meredith received 10 votes, Tom Hopf received two votes and two other ballots did not cast a vote for the race.

The runoff is scheduled for October 6th between Culver and Meredith.

ORIGINAL: Monday we could find out if a runoff election will be necessary to determine who the winner of the District 5 City Council seat is in Huntsville.

In an election with more than two candidates, a person needs to have 50% of the votes plus one to win outright. If they do not, there will be a runoff election between the two candidates closest to that mark.

Incumbent District 5 City Councilman Will Culver was less than 20 votes away from winning the seat outright on Tuesday, which means a runoff election will be needed.

Unless, there are enough votes for Culver in provisional ballots to push him over the 50% plus one rule.

Huntsville City Clerk-Treasurer Ken Benion said there are enough provisional ballots that this could happen.

The Huntsville City Council has tentatively set a special session for Monday morning to count those provisional ballots from the Municipal elections.

Provisional ballots happen when a person goes to vote but there are questions over their voting eligibility. So, that person fills out a provisional ballot that is then verified and counted at a later date.

But, before those votes can be counted they need to validated by the Madison County Board of Registrars, the city is required to certify the votes no later than Tuesday, September 1 at Noon.

Once this happens then Benion will count them at a special called session and determine if Culver is the outright winner or if there will be a runoff election between Culver and his opponent John Meredith on Oct. 6. We’ll keep you updated online and on-air about this race.

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