Alabama Dept. of Labor says additional unemployment is coming soon

More unemployment help coming

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - One month ago, the extra $600 a week from the first federal coronavirus relief bill ran out.

The president ordered additional money to fill the gap, but when will eligible Alabamians see the money?

According to the Alabama Department of Labor’s Tara Hutchison, they could start seeing the money by the end of the week. Hutchison says the federal government is footing the bill.

Single mom Kristen Cameron has been unemployed since March. She says the although she’ll be getting an extra $300 a week, half as much as before, she is still grateful.

“It’s the first of the month.. everything is due for me right now. Rent, car note, light bill, phone. I mean it’s all due all at once and I don’t even have my rent put up now,” Cameron said.

WAFF also talked to Knicole Grant. Like Cameron, Grant is a single mom of three, also unemployed.

“I don’t only want to be on unemployment but the fact that it is the only means of income I have being a single parent, it’s one of those, okay you just have to push through it,” Grant said.

Grant tells us that’s because all three of her children are high risk, two of them have asthma, but her oldest faces even more issues.

“My oldest child ended up having to have a stent put in her heart due to a hole. So they are all high risk across the board. And I don’t want to be that one to go to work and come home and they end up sick.” said Hutchison.

Hutchison tells us Alabamians will also receive back pay for these benefits, meaning those on unemployment will receive the $300 for every week they were eligible since August 1.

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