Huntsville International Airport releases 2020 master plan

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville International airport released its 2020 master plan, which includes a blueprint for long-term development.

An airport will typically create a master plan every five to ten years in compliance with the FAA.

The last time Huntsville International airport created one was in 2010.

Huntsville International Airport public relations manager Jana Kuner says members from the Huntsville-Madison County Airport Authority, community leaders, business owners, and residents took part in the three-year planning phase.

“So it started off with meetings with community leaders, regional partners, our tenants, our airport employees and the general public...people who live in this area and are impacted by the airport every day,” Kuner said. “We invited them in for public meetings, talked to them about what we are doing and got feedback.”

Some key parts of the master plan include runway, terminal and concourse expansions.

Additional parking garages and new air cargo facilities are also part of the blueprint.

A future aircraft rescue and firefighter station is in the works, too.

Kuner notes that this plan is vital to not only the airport’s future, but also to the growing city we live in.

“In compliance with the FAA we are supposed to have a plan in place that shows how we are using the facility today, how busy the facility is and needs for growth or expansion in the future so that we have that planned out and we will be able to accommodate the needs of not just this community but also the way that the rest of the world accesses Huntsville and utilizes our airport to connect to other parts of the world,” Kuner said.

To find more information about the airport’s master plan you can visit

You will find a 4-page summary of the plan, as well as the full 500-plus page technical one.

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