Students at Decatur Schools enrolling back into physical classes

Students switch from virtual learning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Decatur is just weeks into the start of a new school year and students are already coming back for in-person learning.

School leaders gave parents the option to make a change halfway through the semester if needed. As the September 8th deadline is approaching, Decatur City Schools officials said more than 500 students will be coming back to the classroom.

As the school year started for Decatur students, more than half chose the virtual learning option.

Superintendent Michael Douglas said hundreds of students are now coming back for the authentic experience in the classroom. He didn’t want parents and students to feel locked in to a specific learning platform for an entire semester.

“Just the feedback we’re getting on all the safety measures regarding hand sanitizer, the wearing of masks and protocols, I think more parents, the parents who had the wait and see attitude are beginning to see it’s a safe environment and feel more comfortable sending their child back to school,” said Douglas.

The deadline to switch back to in-person or go virtual is September 8th.

Douglas said he’s anticipating even more students choosing the in-person learning option after winter break.

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