Decatur church collecting items for hurricane relief

Church collects items for hurricane victims

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A Tennessee Valley church is teaming up with other congregations to collect donations for soon-to-be hurricane victims.

The Decatur Church of Christ has taken more than a dozen trips in the last three years to help natural disaster victims when they need it most. Now, ministers are packing their trailer to head south once Hurricane Laura hits.

Decatur Church of Christ outreach minister Cody Michael said every time there’s a disaster there’s also an opportunity to bring help.

“Anytime we can bring people hope that’s a good thing,” said Michael. “As much as we can share the love of Christ we definitely want people to know there’s still good in the world and there’s still good on the way even in the worst of times.”

Michael and his team are preparing to head to the worst hit areas after Hurricane Laura makes landfall.

One of many things that victims need include tarps to provide shelter and cover homes after the hurricane hits.

“Any sort of snack foods, any sort of dog and animal foods to take care of people’s pets because we know they love them too. Anything that would be valuable to someone who just lost everything as well as taking care of the workers so we can provide food for them too.” said Michael.

Decatur Church of Christ has already received a one-thousand dollar donation from another local church.

You can also take items to Church of Christ locations in Priceville, Flint or Hartselle. Minster Michael said his team will collect those donations for their trip.

The team plans to leave this Friday.

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